Image hosted by Photobucket.comNagustuhan n’yo ba ang e-book naming “Warm Bodies: The Kris Aquino Complex”?

Puwede ka na ring maging bahagi ng pagbubuo ng susunod na e-book. Narito ang mechanics:

Warm Bodies: Project 2 will be a blogger-get-blogger program. Bloggers will nominate a fellow blogger’s post URL based on the theme “Change.”

The following points should be kept in mind:

The Nominator
1. Must be a blogger
2. May or may not be related in any degree to the blogger he/she nominates, but cannot nominate the self
3. Submits the nominated blogger’s post URL
4. States the reason why that blogger’s post is appropriate for the theme “Change” in a short paragraph
5. Must not be part of the editorial staff, composed of Mananalaysay, Noringai and Buddy.

The Nominee
1. Must be a blogger, of course, from the Philippines or calls the Philippines home.
2. Must be knowledgeable of his/her nomination. Otherwise the WB editorial staff is not liable for any issues arising from nominator-nominee disputes
3. Must not be part of the editorial staff, composed of Mananalaysay (, Noringai ( and Buddy (

The Entry
1. Must be appropriate for the theme “Change”, whether from the nominator’s pov or both.
2. Full entry submissions are not necessary. Nominators can just submit the entry URL. Ergo, index URL’s are not allowed. The editors don’t have the time to wade into a blog and scour for entries appropriate for the theme. e.g. This is what we like: Not this:
3. We require the entry to fill up a standard computer screen, in normal internet font sizes, at the least, in terms of length. Images, marquees and buttons to fill it up are not counted.

The editors are empowered and discretions will be made when appropriate. Scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours are OK as long as we find them appropriate to the theme. We’ll make the cuts anyway and you have to live with our decisions. Alright, I may be a bit harsh, but to put it in an afternoon-variety-show-contest manner of speaking, “Judges’ decisions are final.”

You can send the entry URL’s, a short paragraph stating why you find it appropriate for the theme “Change”, a short description of yourself (as the nominator) and YOUR blog URL, to this e-mail address: thekrisaquinocomplexATgmailDOTcom. We’ll be collecting entries until May 14, 2005 Midnight Philippine Standard Time.

Stay current by viewing the Warm Bodies Flickr group at

You can download the mechanics here.