Salmon, a consumer lending-first fintech start-up, yesterday announced its partnership with the largest retailer in the Philippines, SM Store. From now, on customers of SM Store will have the opportunity to buy their products using the Salmon point-of-sale service, giving them access to installment financing as well as greater freedom and flexibility.

With its first-rate service and fast loan approval process, Salmon will allow customers to enjoy shopping without long approval process and the hassle of needless paperwork. The partnership with SM Store adds on to the merchant network of Salmon throughout the Philippines and aims at satisfying the significant pent-up demand for consumer lending with Filipino customers.

Salmon co-founder Raffy Montemayor said: “Partnering with SM Store, a true leader in the world of retail in the Philippines, will deliver considerable mutual benefits both to SM Store and Salmon. SM Store attracts a large number of Filipinos looking for a great shopping experience, and Salmon will now be there to make this experience better and even more affordable. Continuing to follow our business ethos, we are expanding alongside some of the most marquee names in retail so that finance rather than an obstacle to shopping will come to aid of ordinary shoppers with our quick installment loans. We are firmly convinced that using financial products, obtaining loans, paying bills and all other time-consuming financial routine will eventually be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, at Salmon we will aim to make this vision a reality.” (Media OutReach)