TXTPower Advisory: Not for the pikon and pasista. Only for freedom-loving Pinoys who believe that for the truth and for the good of the country, the (kontra)bida in this video should resign or be ousted.

Here’s something to remind us of the endless cover-up and continuing conspiracy against the awful truth.

Just over a year after the Hello Garci scandal exploded and nearly removed the fake president, TXTPower offers the people a really short and cute video which may be downloaded FREE and viewed, passed on and shown on computers, PDA’s and mobile phones.

Here are excerpts from the initial reviews:

“It’s destabilization all over again.” — C Raul O. Goonzalez

“It just sounds like the voice of the President.” — Ignatius Bullshit

“The communists are behind the video.” — Pervert Goonzales

“I will wipe out this communist video. Patay kang video ka!” — Member, Gloria
Death Squads

You may download the video at

Thanks to Indymedia QC for hosting the video!

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