PalmInfocenter just reported that another developer of Palm games is now offering its games for free.

Ellams Software, developer of a number of games going back to the early PDA days, has made all of its titles available as freeware,” PIC reported.

Here is the list of games that Ellams software are now giving away for free (though satisfied users may donate if they want):

  • Jetman Jack
  • Air Hockey 3D
  • Heli Rescue
  • Snowboard Bob
  • Super Duck 3D
  • Agent Z 2
  • Aardvark Antics
  • Rapid Racer
  • Monkey Business
  • Slide-Em
  • Agent Z
  • Snowballer
  • Catch The Presents
  • Space Pirate
  • Santa
  • Slot 4

Its Palm utilities — MD Titler, Lottery Checker, Handy Tipper — may also be downloaded at no cost.

Migmig, our nephew, will surely love these games. 🙂