Juliana of Handycase.com e-mailed me this morning to inform me about the Palm OS freeware on their site. I checked it out and I found interesting — and best of all, free — Palm games and utilities.

Their free games include a series of IPuzzle Basic games, Logic Puzzle, Roman Table, Illusion Cubes, JoQPo, HandMemory, Stonestris and Triball. I downloaded and installed IPuzzle Basic edition 6 and Stonestris. IPuzzle is basically a sliding puzzle where you move squares one at a time to to correctly complete an image. Stonestris, is — of course — a tetris game. Handycase games may not be as crisp as the usual commercial ones, but they are still worth trying.

Other freeware from them include HandTube, a utility for YouTube users; HandClock, an analog clock; Priorities, an app that organizes your priorities; FreeContacts, a contacts and reminder suite; HandDraw, a paint-type app for Palm; TopicList, a to-do-list-type app that organizes information and tasks; and HandWriter, a text editor.

Handycase also offers a diverse line of commercial software for personal, professionals and corporate use.

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