Dubbed “The Punisher” and Davao’s “Dirty Harry,” Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte does not mince words. He has been known to lace his speeches with expletives, and his controversial statements are often quoted in the headlines.

In “Wanted: President,” the long-time mayor faces veteran anchor Mel Tiangco as she questions him about his alleged human rights’ abuses and the so-called Davao Death Squad. When Tiangco asks Duterte about how he intends to rid the country of drugs, crime and corruption in six months, Duterte replies, “It could be bloody.”

Duterte also defends his stand on the death penalty, saying that it is for “retribution” rather than “deterrence” and that federalism is the “only way that the Moro people can be pacified.” To achieve peace, Duterte says he plans to give leftist leaders cabinet positions.

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(Text and photo from GMA Network)