Mhay’s Young Blood Article

Nalathala kahapon sa Young Blood section ng Philippine Daily Inquirer ang artikulo ng aking Lakambini:

Philippine Daily Inquirer
July 19, 2003, p.9

After four years in the university, I came out convinced that the hardest part about learning is not dragging yourself to school (although this could be a problem if you have a class at 7 a.m.), or dealing with anxiety while cramming for exams (I got the hang of it to the point that it became an exhilarating experience to finish a test). It is not even writing those long papers in a hurry, for it led to the discovery that beating deadlines actually stimulates my creative juices.

The most difficult part was accepting the reality that no matter how much studying you do, no matter how much Glutaphos you take or coffee you drink, you can never know everything.
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