May opening kami sa office. Please contact me if you’d like to apply. 🙂

Yahoo! Southeast Asia is looking for an energetic social media producer to draw, connect and interact with users through new channels such as Twitter and Facebook. This position will be based in Manila.

As part of your daily responsibilities, you will be at the forefront of driving our news articles, blogs, discussions, polls and community activities through social media networks with the goal of attracting a wider audience to Yahoo!.

You must have at least 3-5 years of editorial experience at a newspaper, magazine, wire service or online media site and be able to work under a tight deadline. Blogging and multimedia experience is also a must.

An established personal online brand is an ideal. As a power user in social media, you must have at least 300 followers on Twitter, at least 200 connections on LinkedIn and at least 400 friends on Facebook.

You need to have a passion for social media and a thorough knowledge of the industry. You will be expected to flag trends and be aware of new social media sites on the horizon.

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  1. Maybe I’m missing something here but I thought the point of being a social media contact for a company was to use official social media channels (i.e. the official Yahoo! PH Twitter Account) to push news and updates for the employing company. Why would Yahoo! PH want to try to find someone with an existing social media presence? Why should that matter? Do they actually want to find someone that’s willing to spam their friends and followers with Yahoo! PH advertisements?

    To me, a social media producer should be someone that runs, or can set up and run, an official Twitter account, a Plurk account, and a blog. It should be someone that’s familiar with the various social media tools available like YouTube, MetaCafe, Posterous, Scribd, Hootsuite, (link shorteners), etc. And, of course, the person would have to be able to write well and know how to keep abreast of what’s going on as far as internet memes and popular services are concerned.

    If someone I knew with a large user base were to suddenly start spamming advertisements it wouldn’t seem genuine and I would quickly stop following that person. On the other hand, if I were to follow Yahoo! PH’s official Twitter account, I’d be cool with subtle adverts for Yahoo! products because that’s what I signed up for.

    Just throwing my two cents in the pot.

    Glad to see there are cool job openings like this available in the Manila area though. This headline caught my eye because I’ll be moving there in a few months.
    .-= Brad F.´s last blog ..Switch Blades and Butterfly Knives (Batangas) =-.

  2. mmmm…. I’m quite interested. May I know the other details please? Though I haven’t met the required # for Twitter & LinkedIn, but have experience in publications – writing/ editing, etc… How do I apply, just in case?

    1. Hi Pon, mabuti naman ako. Last year pa ako naging Yahoo! Musta na rin? Pang-social media kasi yung work, kaya dapat malawak ang network. 🙂