Treo Pro — Palm’s still-unannounced Windows Mobile smartphone — has been the latest and hottest topic in many tech blogs since yesterday. It’s a “simple proof that Palm is not dying,” notes PalmAddict Asia Editor Andy J. S.

“Who said Palm is dying? Who said mobile users are not interested in Palm’s smartphones anymore? If it so, then why all the fuzz of this Treo Pro?” he added.

It would have been best if this new and high tech offering from Palm was Palm OS-powered. But still, here are Treo Pro’s reported features:

  • 400Mhz CPU , but snappy response
  • 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM
  • Expansion card supports up to 32GB
  • 320×320 screen
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • 2 MP camera
  • microUSB connector
  • 3.5mm earphone connector
  • 1500mah battery
  • Bundled apps: Adobe Reader LE, Windows Messenger, Java (Esmertec), Internet Proxy, Telenav, Streaming Media, Sprite backup

If the above specs are true, Treo Pro will be the second Palm device to have integrated WiFi, next only to Treo 800w.

How was this latest “leak” from Palm discovered? According to PalmInfoCenter, WMExperts member scottymomo “poked around Palm’s Learning site and found a[n] unposed flash tutorial of the unannounced new Treo.” In his/her WMExperts post, scottymomo attached some pictures — including the one posted with this entry.

Later, in TreoCentral, a certain nomad2000 posted more pictures and device specs. (Nomad2000 also posted this info at the Chinese forum Scottymomo then posted additional features and screenshots of the Treo Pro at TreoCentral.

Treo Pro was appears to be the same product earlier called Treo 850 and Palm Drucker.

PalmAddict Asia Editor Andy J. S. wrote this development explains why Palm has reportedly placed orders of up to 5 million units of new different mobile phones to manufacturer Compal Comm: “So these whole shebangs are actually a solid news we can hope to become into a reality.”