12625.jpgWe Filipinos are a happy people and certified text addicts, too. Even during times of political even crises — and even disasters — we find ways to laugh. Proof of this are the numerous text messages being forwarded the past few weeks. These Gloria jokes, Erap jokes, ZTE scandal jokes, and other text messages are often irreverent and witty.
Using my Palm Treo 650, my Nokia 7110, and my PC, I’ve been collecting and uploading these text messages to my other site called Our Daily Txt.

Here are some of these funny SMS jokes. (Note: My readers who don’t understand Filipino / Tagalog or not aware of current Philippine issues may need to do some research to understand most of these jokes):

“Let’s give GMA a chance to finish her term until 2010.”
Fwd dis msg to all your friends to lose them all. Its true! Try it!

Marcos fled on a chopper, Erap left on a boat. Watch out 4 a tyanak n nka-stroller. Be vigilant! The end of the EVIL BITCH is near. Pls pass!

Terrorists have kidnpped FG & dmanded a ransom of 10 billion pesos or else they wil burn him with kerosene.

Pls donate.

– We have donated 50 liters.

LITO at PUNO na ako sa mga pag DEFENSOR at pag BUNYI ng mga tuta ni GMA sa mga kaPALPARAN ng administrasyon na ito. Puro mga siRAULo at hindi SERGIOso sa trabaho. Dapat hAmBALOSin lahat. Wala na akong makain kundi PICHAY, palaboy pa ako sa ERMITA. May RAZON pa ba para tanglilikin ko ang gobyernong ito?

“Wag niyo apihin si Mike Arroyo. Maawa kayo sa kanya. Wala siyang kasalanan.”
Fwd dis msg 2 all your friends. Like magic, they will all become your enemies!

Now i kno my ZTE,
nxt tym wid PGMA!

1. Two Hundred Million Thanks To You. By A. Balos
2.Money Money Money. By The F. Gees
3.The Neri-ness Of You. By Romulus
4.Don’t You Go, Dont You Go Sa Senado by Mike at Defensor
5.Mahal Kita Maging Tsino Ka Man By Sergio and the Apostols

Aside from these text messages, there are also protest ringtones like the Lozada Souljaboy mp3 ringtone that you may use on your cellphone. Last year, I posted an entry about a software that enables mp3 ringtones on Treo phones.

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