Filipinos are by nature pleasant, unwilling to rock the boat. One of the country’s core values, after all, is pakikisama or being agreeable — just going with the flow. We shy away from confrontations to protect a kapwa Pilipino’s amor propio.

SITATA TASYO is the record scratch to all that.

Sitata Tasyo, GMA News TV’s central character in its election awareness plug, is the antithesis to the usual pleasant, cajoling voices that urge voters to choose wisely. In less than a minute per edition, Sitata Tasyo attacks wrong old world values head-on, pointing out archaic and flawed voter practices that elect human errors into office.

Sitata Tasyo uses wit, sarcasm, irony, and sometimes even impatience in pointing out what’ — and what could be ideal — in choosing our leaders. But no one takes offense as Sitata Tasyo resembles everyone’s cool, caring uncle. He has his hair in a ponytail, and his everyday garb is as colorful as his language.

Sitata Tasyo is voiced by GMA Post Production director Vincent Gealogo. The series’ look and content were handle by Program Support Department manager Catherine Ko, Ghani Madueno and Anna Cajudo, and Joseph Saguid. Jeffrey John Imutan animated all the episodes.

And if you listen closely enough, you will hear the distinct voices of Kara David and Love Anover in the series.

Sitata Tasyo is a character conceptualized by GMA News and Public Affairs officer Jaileen F. Jimeno.

(Text and image from GMA Network)