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October 29, 2001

Photo from http://absolut.pinknet.cz/cz/ruzne2.htmWelcome to Ederic@CyberSpace. It is now located at www.ederic.com.

I'll never drink vodka again. I won't tell you why, but let me give you a clue. Browse the member's area forums of Peyups.com--an online community for students and alumni of the University of the Philippines--and you might find something. There's even a picture of myself in the forums, courtesy of the Peyups people. Peyups.com is one of the semi-finalists in this year's Philippine Web Awards. Why don't we all help the site make it to the People's Choice Awards?

Tinig.com, my pet project, is now listed on Yahoo!

My friend Pon has a new web site. Her site has a cool design, and content, of course and it uses a user friend online journal publishing utility provided by Blogger.com. I'll surely use the same in the future to update Ederic@CyberSpace.

My online buddy Pao also has a new web page. He discusses the issue of terrorism and tries to answer the question "Who is the real terrorist?" Pao presents an alternative idea to the "war against terrorism" crap that is being thrown to us all the time by the foreign--and even local--media and the Philippine government.

A number of texters has joined Txtm8s.org. Wanna join, too?

I'll be away for a few days. During the "Undas" break, I'll have ample time to rest from work and be away from CyberSpace for a while.

See you later..

October 21, 2001

For this week, I had to go to the Kyodo office everyday. There are no big stories to cover, however. The local and foreign media are still focused on the so-called war against terrorism by the United States. Despite the war's effect on the life of the long-suffering Afghan civilians, the Philippine government, like most governments in the world--decided to support this war. It seems funny for a government to get very excited in supporting an international "war against terrorism" when it cannot even contain home-grown Abu Sayyaf bandits in Mindanao. Speaking of the ASG, its members have just captured and beheaded a civilian volunteer of the Philippine Armed Forces this morning, according to a radio report.

Anyway, check out my new links page as well as the Tinig.com links page.

September 21 , 2001

MarcosTwenty-nine years ago on this day, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos placed the entire Philippines under Martial Law, which is considered as one of the darkest periods in the country's history.

In 1999, I participated in "Memory, Truth-telling and the Pursuit of Justice," a conference on the legacies of Martial Law. NeverAgain.net is one of the results of this conference. The site seeks to keep alive the dark memory of martial rule in the Philippines.

My favorite mentor, Dean Luis V. Teodoro, said in his speech during the Legacies conference, said:"Remembrance is indeed the only antidote to the return of authoritarian rule." Also in 1999, I wrote the article "Remembering the Press During Martial Law" for the Philippine Journalism Review.

How I wish to be able to join today's rallies in commemoration of this event.

Texters unite!Globe Telecoms and Smart Communications implemented a cut in the free text messages of their subscribers. These cellphone companies did that despite the obvious increase in their profits this year. They said they need more money to finance their network expansion. And they did not even consult us, their subscribers, before doing it.

We believe that these companies should not burden us with their expansion expenses. We demand better and fair service. Sadly, the government agency National Telecommunications Commission seems to favor these companies over us. Despite this, we have decided to fight and advance our rights as consumers.

I recently joined TXTPower, an organization of texters opposed to text reduction. We came up with a Texters' Declaration and are currently planning for more activities. Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy the support of consumer rights advocates such as the Philippine League for Democratic Telecommunications, Inc.

Kyodo NewsI am currently working as part-time reporter for teh Manila Bureau of Kyodo News, a Japanese news agency. Latest news posted regularly at the Kyodo News website.

CyberDyaryoFor the past two weeks, I've been actively writing for CyberDyaryo, an online publication that offers alternative news and features. It has veteran journalist Paulynn P. Sicam as editor-in-chief. Check out my latest article, "‘Mahirap gisingin ang gising!’ SC hears Estrada petition on the constitutionality of Plunder Law."

Tinig.comVisit Tinig.com, an Online magazine for the Filipino youth. It contains personal essays, features and commentaries on current national issues written by young Filipino writers, journalists and activists. Tinig.com also welcomes contributions from its readers.

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