August 27 update: Malu Fernandez vs OFWs

August 24 update: Pakibasa rin po ang Public apology ni Malu Fernandez

Habang pinag-uusapan pa rin sa iba’t ibang sulok ng Philippine blogosphere ang pagpapatawa ni Malu Fernandez, tuloy ang kampanyang boykot ng Ang iba, sumusugod na sa Multiply site ng People Asia.

Ang naman, mayProyektong Malu Fernandez. Mula ito sa mungkahi ni Benj Espina at sumusunod sa tradisyon ng mga writing project ng Digital Filipino.

Titipunin sa Blog ang reaksyon ng Pinoy bloggers sa isinulat ni Fernandez. Pagkatapos, pipili ang bloggers mismo ng 10 entry na pinakagusto nila.

Kung may naisulat kayo ukol dito, pakipost ang URL sa comments section ng Proyektong Malu Fernandez.

Kabilang sa mga nag-post ng link si Dr. Tess, na nagsabing “If you want to be mean to this woman, then be intellectually mean.” Si Kuya Batjay naman, naniniwala ring sa halip na personal na atake ang iganti, “pag may nag bad mouth sa ating mga OFW, kailangan tumbasan ito ng mga positive na kwento.”

Samantala, hindi naman sang-ayon kay Fernandez ang kaibigan kong si Jon. Ayon sa isinulat niya sa, ang mga OFW ay “sinag ng pag-asa”.

Ederic Eder

Filipino blogger

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  1. Malu! kamusta ka naman ha?
    Wala ka bang kosenya ha?
    Bakit mo nasabi ang mga bagay na yon?
    Di mo ba alam na nakakasakit ka ng mga taong wala namang ginagawa sayo, bakit mo nasabi yon? Nag-aral ka ba o baka nasobrahan sa pag-aaral?, kasi hindi mo napepel ang mga kalagayan ng mga kababayn mo dyan sa abroad.
    Wala ka ngang alam, kisa manhid ka! Bakit mo nasabi na ang mga OFW’s eh “STINKY LINGKY”, diba Filipino ka rin? Edi “STINKY LINGKY” ka rin…

    Sayang lang ang pinag-aralan mo,,,,
    Why did you discriminate those peolpe na wala namang ginagawa sayo?

    Ang mga Filipino na OFW’s ay nagtratrabaho ng tahimik tapos gaganyanin mo lang, hindi mo ba alam na maaapiktohan ang kanilang pagtratrabaho?

    wala akong masabi, hindi ka alam kong matutowa ako o maiinis sa mga paratang mo sa iyong kababayan…

    sayang ka………


    AY BASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sana gamitim mo sa tama kung ano ang binigay sayong talino…………

  2. Hey! Malu! Howâ€s your conscience? Are you peacefully sleeping in your heavenly bed? Eating in your den of foods? resting in your softest sofa? Are you not bothered by your conscience?
    Are you not thinking of the feeling of being stepped down? discriminated? treated as unworthy to live because you belong to the people that considered as who do not have or who are wanna beâ€s. I don’t know…….. But for sure, when you write that article you are proudly telling to the whole world that you belong to the place called “ME!” You just considered your feelings. You are a social being! So you have the responsibility to live with the whole society.
    Divine Divalicious smell? Create your another world outside the earth so that you will just smell that fragrance for you.
    Consult your conscience and ask her instruction to you……………

  3. i’m not a stinky lingky, but you’re just a devilicious babe!
    can you pls. tell me where this deviliciou babe graduated? i bet her alma mater will deny her because she didn’t practice their teachings about Good morals and right conducts, or does she know the meaning of GMRC? well, she just put her self in trouble when she intentionally discriminate her fellow filipino people in her article, people are now laughing at her and many OFW think that she is the one who is stinky lingky, haaayyyy. . . . . . now i’m thinking if this Malu is educated or not. hey, malu! do you recognize the word “respect”, if you know it, pls. pracrtice it, or if you just see it scattered along the way, can you pls. pick it up and keep it!

  4. ayos lang sana na magsulat nga mga napapansin natin pero sana naman naging sensitive ka sa mga sinulat mo ksi dignidad din naman ng mga tao yung nakasalalay sa mga sinulat mo. ngayon 2loy ikaW din yung umaani ng ginawa mo…at hindi lng yung mga ofw’s yung nasakatan sa sinabi mo kundi pati yungmga tao na gumagamit ng products na binanggit mo….hindi siguro kasalan ang maging mahirap buti nga may trabaho silang marangal at wala silang inaapakan at inaapi di tulad mo maganda nga trabaho mo pero ang sama naman ng ugali mo…….

  5. Malu Fernandez exercised poor judgment, choice of words and horrible taste in choosing to poke fun and insult people who are taken in high regard in this country. Though itâ€s not exactly a no-no, if one is to criticize anything, the grounds have to be logical and rational. That is why discrimination on the basis of factors that are affected by socio-economic and genetic variables are rarely seen as valid arguments.

    The writer messed up and despite her delusional stance on how funny the article was, the damage she was dealt a punishment of unprecedented proportions for someone who writes in the Lifestyle Section – a part of the newspaper that is traditionally an escape from the rigors of the real world to retreat to the lighter side of life. But then again, who has forgotten about the Claire Danes fiasco back in the 90s when she cited Manila as a ghastly place during one of her interviews? The actress did stay in a run-down building to shoot some scenes for a Hollywood movie and Manila really is a huge departure from the streets of Los Angeles, so every greasy beggar that came to her carâ€s window wouldâ€ve shocked her far more than it “shocks” (if still at all) us now.

    Some Filipinos also reacted violently when a dog-eater joke was used in a major awards program. Not so long ago, a Jay Leno joke that made fun of the Philippine pull-out in Iraq also caught the ire of a few who didnâ€t exactly find the gag that funny. Clearly, Filipinos are not the biggest fans of humor and comedy especially when theyâ€re the topic of tongue-in-cheek wit. Pinoys are sensitive, and they will react in a way comparable to how people from Muslim countries reacted when the Muhammad cartoon strips controversy erupted a while back. We are a zealous people – an overeager race who would defend the motherland and our people – at least with scathing words — when the call of duty is made.

    With the Malu Fernandez issue, the Philippine Blogging Community has gained some semblance of clout and influence as far as the whole milieu of the media is concerned. Weâ€re not becoming a relevant flank in this side of journalism, and we have to make sure that we take good care of this

    But when I read comments like these in blogs, I canâ€t help but scratch my head and feel really perplexed:

    You have said in your “apology” to leave your family and friends out of this fiasco.On the contrary Ms Fernandes,your actions reflects those who are close to you,ever heard of the saying”BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHERS….” or our own native saying “KUNG ANO ANG PUNO SIYA ANG BUNGA”.

    pasalamat ka Emirates Airline nasakyan mo, kc sa Dudai nag land at hindi nag-emergency landing sa Sharjah, kun Air Arabia di kakpapayagan kc BAWAL BABOY SA MGA MUSLIM COUNTRIES

    Comments taken from Selvoâ€s blog.

    If you go to that blog, there are plenty of colorful comments that make fun of Malu Fernandezâ€s hefty frame. Actually, it has spilled over to a genuine brand of hatred. You can actually see a horde of village people trying to lynch someone with a bunch of pitchforks, hoes and axes. The comments are mostly irrational and as laughable as the actual article by Fernandez. Instead of posting pieces that would reflect an intellectual slant (as Tess Termulo would want it), people got carried away. While I agree that people should be given the leeway to react explosively – and weâ€re all guilty of this — after such a boisterous effort to discriminate, cooler heads and level-headedness still has to prevail eventually.

    What has her weight have to do with the fact that she is an irritating elitist who writes not-so-funny articles? Whatâ€s the point of calling her ugly? True or not, it has nothing to do with the way she discriminated against the Filipinos she shared that flight with!

    As one commenter in Tess Termuloâ€s blog said (verbatim):

    Not all is born intellect… [sic]

    As grammatically-deficient as the comment was, it does reflect a lot of things regarding this medium. Not all people will be able to verbalize his or her concerns regarding the article in a manner that would discuss the major points. Itâ€s more likely that those who will be unable to dissect the article will be tempted to engage in gratuitous name-calling and emotional rhetoric that would amount to nothing in the end.

    I think itâ€s about time that we call for some sanity. Yes, Malu Fernandez is one nasty writer who chose to discriminate on the basis of socioeconomic factors. I donâ€t even care who she discriminated against – an Overseas Filipino Worker is as much a hero as a diligent Filipino employee here in the Filipinos who is working for his familyâ€s future. They are equals – both are making sacrifices for their families and both are inspiring and commendable citizens of our country. She should be held accountable for the things she done – but not for her weight (trust me, diabetes and heart disease will see her shortly), her looks and certainly not her family.

    This sort of comment gives me hope though:

    i am not saying that we as ofwâ€s can not act on our own. what i am trying to point out is we need to explore other avenues, other schools of thought on how to get the proper audience to listen to us. we obviously need help in accomplishing that task as we do not have the right machinery. for me, if we could show our disgust for what malu did to us in some other ways other than publishing a collective condemnation, why not, di ba? anyway, we only have one goal: to make sure that this kind of bigotry does not happen again.

    Iâ€ll be on Media In Focus (ABS CBN NEWS CHANNEL) this Thursday to tape an episode regarding the Malu Fernandez issue and this article will more or less be the focus of my comments.

  6. Uy !!! ponyeta ka my salamin ba sa inyo at dmo nkikita ang figure mo at ang hilatsa ng pagmumukha mo. dmo alam ang pag hihirap nimin d2 sa ibang bansa kung pano kmi lamonin ng amin lunkot o homesick….wala kng pakialam kung axe’s lng ang pabango ng ibang tao atlis marunng cla igalang ang ibang tao at kya mo bng tumbasan ang mga dollar na pinapasok nmin sa bansa… kung anng pangit mo cyang pangit din ng ugali mo..dapat ikaw ang ipadala ng gobyerno nting sa basilang at isabak sa mga rebelde ng mbawasan na ang mga tao katulad mo… nkaka-awa ang mgulang mo at nagkaanak ng k2lad mo sana wagna dumami ang lahi mo…patawarin ako ng dios sa mga nsabi ko syo pero yng ang dpat syo…shit na baboy ka malu fernandez ang mga taong 2lad mo mas madumi pa sa taong grasa at masmasahol pa sa baliw……sobrang sosyal ka pero wala kng Ethics…sana palakihin ng media ang topic nato at wag sa mhal na pangulo ngayn mo ipakita kung gaano khalaga ang OFW syo iband sa lahat ng istasyon ng T.V sa pinas 2tal mayaman namn cya dna dapat sya nagwowork….

  7. Here’s the reason why Malu’s legs got bruised on that Emirates Airlines flight:
    My name is Malu Fernandez. I am 39 years old and I had WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) June 8 2005. I live in the Philippines where a size 10 is considered extra large or a plus size, this I know because I am one of the first people to open a Plus size shop. I had been wanting to have the surgery for the last three years but it was never available in my country. To have it done in the USA would cost me forty to fifty thousand dollars not including the travel expenses. Bear in mind the average income in this third world country is 3000 a year. Plus being 322-lbs meant only business or first class seats another four thousand.(Emphasis mine)

    At any rate a new team of doctors trained in the USA brought the surgery here for only ten thousand dollars. So I did it. The first two weeks were a living hell I puked all day without even eating I was so weak I kept telling myself you paid ten thousand dollars to puke all day what an idiot!

    Like everyone else I was instructed to eat pureed foods which I couldn’t even swallow it made me puke even more it felt like I was eating regurgitated food finally I rebelled and ate a soda cracker; it was heaven and I finally stopped puking. To date I lost 40lbs but I seem to be obsessed with my scale and when my weight fluctuates I freak out. I didn’t even own a scale for years simply because I just didn’t care any more. Getting WLS was just because my mobility was being threatened by my obesity and my health wasn’t doing any good either. I have been on diets all my life and none ever worked out I have lost a 100 lbs and gained it back simply because I couldn’t control my appetite and I am an emotional eater. WLS helps me control myself because I simply cannot overeat.

    However, in a country where if you weigh 150lbs they call you fat (my sis weighs 93lbs) WLS does not have the same kind of support that the USA has in terms of visits to the nutritionists group therapy etc… There is a support group but there are not enough members to give enough feedback. For instance I can’t deal with drinking my vitamins they make me puke what are the alternatives? I can tolerate regular cranberry juice (but stick to diet) I can tolerate diary, I can’t tolerate meat(I used to in the beginning) I can only tolerate seafood. Rice which is a staple in Asian food I can barely swallow but I can eat pasta.

    But I don’t have anyone here to tell me if what I am doing is right or wrong… my doctor is very competent but he travels all around Asia all the time to perform WLS so he is always out and he says there are no set rules because everyone is unique even in terms of weight loss but I cant help getting paranoid when I hear someone losing 75 lbs in 2 months and I am on my 3rd month only having lost 40lbs.

    This month I got myself enrolled in a gym with a personal trainer who I see 3x a week. I even count my calories and don’t exceed 1000 calories a day but still I don’t know if I am losing weight fast enough despite the doctor’s constant reassurance that I’m fine. My paranoia still exists that I would screw this up just like all my other diets that have failed. But after reading some of the stories on your website I realize that I just need to calm down and be patient and continue to work hard but every day is a constant battle.

  8. ANAK ng PUTA tong BABOY nato! Fernandez din ako kaya wag mo isulat sa COLUMN mo pangalan mo.. palit ka na ng APELYEDO “MALOU UGLY PIGGY” .. Di ka dapat naninirahan sa BANSA natin.. kasi 3rd world KAMI (hindi kasi ang BABOY na yan)
    Ibang lahi mo.. Bastos ka. Dapat sayo ang ma Bastos rin. Di ka mayaman… kaya pansinin nyo mga kapatid ang COLUMN nya MORE ON mga BRANDS ng mga kasuotan nya… Puta.. I pasok mo yan sa PWET mo … Filipino professionals kami sa ibang bansa, kaya namin bilhin yang mga gamit mo.. Pero since FILIPINO kami we remain Humble… GAGA ka..

  9. Calling Pol Medina Jr!!!

    Please give her a cameo on your comics, Pugad Baboy, so that people will know she’s the biggest pig of them all, even if she visits the Pugad Baboy neighborhood.

  10. And by the way, to those who think we should just let this issue die down, specially since MF already resigned, while I respect your opinion, I don’t think she deserves for people to forget what she wrote. She shouldn’t get away that easily.

  11. We live in a free and democratic country where we can say what we think. That’s our right. But every right comes with responsibility and consequence.

    In this free country, there is no law against me going up to someone inside a restaurant and farting on their food. So if I want to do so, thereâ€s no law to stop me. But itâ€s irresponsible, insensitive and just plain rude.

    Thatâ€s Malu Fernandez. She broke no laws but sheâ€s a bigot! A HUGE one, any which way you wanna look at it.

    Sheâ€s disgusting! Her family should hide their faces in shame.

    Dapat i-boycott pa rin natin ang Manila Standard dahil pinalabas pa rin nila yung article na yun in the first place. As Editors na dapat may say sila kung aling articles ang dapat o hindi dapat ilabas, dapat napigilan nila yan, ‘di ba? O baka gusto rin nila yung mga sinasabi nung baboy. Baka may bigotry talaga mga tao dun.

    Dapat aside from accepting her resignation, which is a passive stance, dapat publicly i-condemn nila yung article na yun.


  13. i cried a lot when i read malu fernandez’s article belittling our ofw’s. you see, my son is one. he’s been in qatar for almost three years now. when my three kids were growing up, i swore i’d never leave them to work abroad. we, as a family, tried to make ends meet, no matter how difficult it was back then. i was a teacher, my husband was a government employee at the same time that he’s in law school. when all of them finished their studies, the horizon seemed so clear. or so i thought. unfortunately, jobs are hard to find at home. my son decided to try his luck in a Muslim country with a culture so different from here. although my heart says no, i had to give him my blessings because his future is at stake. besides, he is still single and it makes a lot of difference. today, he makes good money. but in all his emails and during our chats, i could sense his loneliness. my son, a very prim and proper and well behaved man, struggles abroad because some of his countrymen, politicians mostly and probably relatives of this rotten malu fernandez, has made this country a God-forsaken one. life here is difficult. life out there is probably doubly difficult. now comes an insensitive giant of a woman whose usual preoccupation is dropping the names of her filthy rich friends and whipping up her articles with brand names that she uses or salivates to possess.

    she counters that this is her brand of humor. if it were so, she should just keep it herself or to her small circle of friends who find it humorous, maybe, just maybe, because they are made of the same stuff as she is.

    her apology is unacceptable at the moment. most ofw’s and their relatives would like to see this malu f. roasted or fried. then fed to the crocs in palawan.

    and oh, please don’t buy or use jo malone. with apologies to its makers and distributors, it smells like malu fernandez.

  14. sana malu fernandez nagtanda ka na…this is not a battle that you’ll win. Your behavior just shows how society pretends to hail us OFWs as the “BAGONG BAYANI” and yet you can’t even look us in the eye. There is no humor in belittling other people, tell that to your pasosyal friends …

  15. hmm may nakalimutan ako ano ba ang mabaho yung ofw’s o yung kulungan ng baboy? nyahaha…. hindi dapat pinapatawad ang mga ganyang klaseng tao… sabihin nating baboy din sya este tao din sya… pero para nalang sa mga taong nag hirap at nag banat ng buto sa ibang bansa hindi dapat patawarin ang ganyang klaseng tao…. dapat sa kanya mag bayad sya sa mga ginawa nya mag bigay sya ng libreng pabahay sa mga inapi nya hudas syang baboy sya.. at sa lahat po ng mga kababayan ko wag nyo syang tangkilikin at wag nyong panoorin o basahin at bilhin ang anomang bagay na tungkol sa kanya para malaman nya ang kamalian nya.. ano ba ang tingin nila sa mga kababayan nilang mahirap basura pag ang ka mali sorry fcuk that sorry i can swear her and slaps her fucking face and i will tell oh im sorry Malou frenandez bitch!!!! mabaho kapa sa dilang mabaho mag mumog ka muna ng holly water bastos tama mag surgery ang kapatid mo pa sipsip mo ang mga taba mo sa katawan sana mabasa mo ito kung gaano kasakit ang mga sinabi ko sayo …masahol kapa sa baboy…. nyahahhaa ….. pigggggggg!!!!!!

  16. Sabi nga sa mundo ng “komedya”… “gawin mo ng katatawanan ang mga politiko, huwag lang ang mga nagtitinda ng sigarilyo!” In otherwords, huwag tayong mang “menos” o “maliitin” ang sino man tao lalo na yon mga ordinary and less fortunate people! 😉

    On Ms. Fernandez write-up where she mentioned that while she was on the plane, she said that the seats were so small and she had bruises on her legs… 😀

    My Reaction/Comment: For me, di niya dapat sinisi na maliit yon mga upuan sa eroplano kasi naman that’s fitted for “NORMAL PEOPLE” … hehehe, what I mean is normal-sized people. Its just normal na magkaroon din siya ng mga gasgas o galos sa mga “PATA” niya este legs pala (sa lalaki at lalapad ba naman non!) 😀

    Malu Fernandez really deserves the wrath of the Filipino people… but let’s just leave it to God! 😀 [/b][/color]

  17. Sabi nga sa mundo ng “komedya”… “[u]gawin mo ng katatawanan ang mga politiko, huwag lang ang mga nagtitinda ng sigarilyo![/u]” In otherwords, huwag tayong mang “menos” o “maliitin” ang sino man tao lalo na yon mga ordinary and less fortunate people! 😉

    On Ms. Fernandez write-up where she mentioned that while she was on the plane, she said that the seats were so small and she had bruises on her legs… 😀

    My Reaction/Comment: For me, di niya dapat sinisi na maliit yon mga upuan sa eroplano kasi naman that’s fitted for “NORMAL PEOPLE” … ;D what I mean is normal-sized people. Its just normal na magkaroon din siya ng mga gasgas o galos sa mga “PATA” niya este legs pala (sa lalaki at lalapad ba naman non!) ;D ;D ;D

    Malu Fernandez really deserves the wrath of the Filipino people… but let’s just leave it to God! >:(

  18. give those dudes in the plane a break! life and work abroad is not easy. you cannot understand the plight of those OFW’S, BECAUSE YOUR A PIG! besides i dont think theres something wrong with the seats in the economy class, it’s just your big fat sorry ass and your overgrown ego. go get a pistol, kiss your big fat ass and blow your head

  19. probable reactions or comments of famous people in philippine history. (if they were alive today)

    Jose Rizal РRizal would have probably included malu in his novel noli me tangere in lieue of Do̱a Victorina de Espada̱a.

    Andres Bonifacio – “lintik lang ang walang ganti” Bonifacio may have hacked her with his bolo or may have shot her with his revolver.

    Emilio Aguinaldo – He may have ordered malu’s execution by musketry at the foot of a mountain, somewhere in Cavite.

    Juan Luna – I have read that juan is a hot tempered dude. he once challenged a spanish writer who have maligned the filipinos through his article into a duel. since malu is a girl and luna is a man of honor he will probably challenge her father or his brothers into a duel.

    Manuel L. Quezon – “PUÑETA!”

    Ferdinand Marcos – He will give this pig a mountain bike and as a punishment, marcos will task her to bike the whole Philippine archipelago 7X

    FPJ – “hindi pa tapos ang laban, isang bala ka lang!”

  20. Oh…She’s a Jessica Zafra wannabe gone wrong. So much has been said about her, so I won’t comment anymore. If what she wrote is reflective of her true character, then she is a PATHETIC person. Let’s include her in our prayers.

  21. Quote” While I was on the plane (where the seats were so small I had bruises on my legs),

    Plane seat are disigned for human use only, PIG are not supposed to use that

  22. Ganito lang naman ang nangyari…Malu was trying to be funny and witty pero di siya nag-isip…akala niya na lahat ng mga nasa socio-economic class niya ay matutuwa at mag-i-identify sa mga sinulat niya. Inspite of all her travels, napakaliit ng mundo at utak niya. Isang malaking lesson ito kay Malu at sobra siyang minalas na nakahanap tayo ng bagong kontrabida na pag-iinitan. And i don’t wonder why it is becoming so much fun for many to target this Marie Antoinette of our times. Magdasal na lang si Malu na may bagong issue na lulutang para matapos na yung 15 minutes of notoriety niya…Kasi kung tatagal pa ito…magkakaroon ng bagong impersonation subject si Marissa Sanchez at Nanette Inventor !!! Hahaha !!!

  23. Kala mo kung sinong kagandahan.. Ang pangit naman niya.. Magpaganda muna siya bago siya mamintas sa ating mga kababayan na siyang nagpapaganda sa ating ekonomiya… HOy MALU!!! Ang pangit pangit mo na.. Ang sama pa ng ugali mo… Mukha kang baboy.. Manalamin ka muna!!! Puwede?

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