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Please support Pinoy Times

Last year, during the height of the “Last Quarter Storm” against the ousted President, buying a copy of Pinoy Times Special Edition — the brave, little newspaper created and maintained by brave, principled journalists — on a Saturday noon would only bring me disappointment: the paper gets sold out early in the morning. Too bad […]

Titik ni Ederic

Gays protest gender stereotyping in mass media advertising

The controversial installment of the “Hello, Billy!” advertisement series of telecom giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, which earned the ire of the gay and lesbian community, has been pulled out. Yet, the hurt of the insult it supposedly directed against male homosexuals remains. Danton Remoto, author of Ladlad, a gay anthology, said there had […]

Bayani't Bayanihan

Mabuhay si Gat Andres Bonifacio

Mabuhay si Gat Andres Bonifacio! Today is the birthday of Andres Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution. Born on November 30, 1863 to a poor couple in Tondo, Manila, the young Andres, together with his siblings, worked hard and struggled to survive especially after the death of their parents. Later in his life, the […]

Aklat Harry Potter Pelikula at Telebisyon

Harry Potter is evil?!

Funny how many netizens can be very gullible that they easily believe and take as truth even satirical jokes on the Internet. In one of the forums that I regularly visit, I was alarmed after reading a post quoting an e-mail supposedly from an American Christian organization that warns parents of Harry Potter’s effect to […]

Balita't Usapin Internet at Blogging

My web host was down

My web host was down the whole day yesterday. I felt bad to find out my site visitors — are there any? — were unable to access my site after I spent a big part of my weekend on it. Good thing it’s now running again. However, My PC was attacked by a not-so-harmful virus. […]

Buhay at Pag-ibig Internet at Blogging

Sa wakas!

I’ve been awake for around 20 hours already. Last night, after work, I had some bottles of beer with a buddy at our favorite Friday night hang out. Immediately after I arrived at home, I started working on my website. Finally, after around five hours of back-breaking trial-and-error session with my PC, I was finally […]

Balita't Usapin Harry Potter

Harry Potter

I watched “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” on its first showing day.