Ifinorward sa akin ang sulat na ito. Baka puwede kayong tumulong:

Dear Friend,

My grandmother, Venus Balane has been in the ICU for over two weeks now. She underwent major surgery twice just last week.

She was first admitted into the hospital because she had to go through an andioplasty as she had three congestions in her left artery. When the doctors were repairing the first congestion, her artery was punctured and she began to bleed. The doctors tried to stop the bleeding but could not and in the afternoon, she was immediately rushed to the operating room. While there, she suffered acardiac arrest and the doctors had to revive her. They were able to revive her but she had to undergo a double bypass.

After the surgery she recovered, but because of the surgery she had kidney failure and she had to undergo dialysis. The next day, she had a blood clot near her rib cage and because of this, her heart was suffocating. She had to have another operation.

After the operation, we waited for her to wake up. After 2 days, she still had not awakened and she was not responding to stimuli. We were afraid that she was already brain dead. We prayed real hard for her and our prayers were answered when, a few days ago, she opened her eyes. This 88-year-old woman fought with all her might to stay alive. When everyone was losing
hope, she showed us just what courage could do. Truly, what happened to my grandmother was a miracle. She went through so much the past few weeks.

Now, thanks to the prayers and help of her loved ones, our family, my friends, and the friends of my siblings, her fever has lifted, she now reacts to what she hears, she’s awake, her blood pressure has stabilized, and her infection is healing.

But because of the surgeries and the dialysis, we owe 47 units of blood to the blood bank–this is the greatest amount of blood ever used in UST hospital for one patient.

I would like to ask for your help to donate blood to my grandmother.We would really appreciate all the help we can get. If you are willing to donate blood, please contact me at 09063051084 or mysister Camille at 09163409856.

Blood donation requirements:
any type of blood
valid ID
weight = over 110 lbs

You may donate at UST hospital under patient’s name VENUS BALANE.

Thank you so much.

Sigrid Aragona

Ederic Eder

Ederic is a Filipino communications worker in the telecom, media, and technology industry. He writes about K-dramas and Korean celebrities for Hallyudorama.

He used to be a social media manager for news at GMA Network, where he also headed YouScoop, GMA News and Public Affairs’ citizen journalism arm.

He was with Yahoo! Philippines for more than three years before returning to GMA Network, where he was also previously part of the News Research section.

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