I've Been Tagged

Markku tagged me. I’m supposed to post 20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people as minutes it took me to write the facts.

1. I was born in an island province, but I can’t swim.
2. I’m an Internet addict.
3. I grew up with my Mama and Nanay (lola) and Tatay (lolo).
4. I used to consider Eraserheads’ music as noise, but the band ended up as my favorite group.
5. Jologs ako!
6. I’m an Adam Sandler fan.
7. I’m a product of the public school system; I studied in public school from elementary to college.
8. Gary Granada’s “Pagsamba at Pakikibaka” is among my favorite songs. I also consider “pagsamba at pakikibaka” as a philosophy to live by.
9. I believe the Supreme Being revelead Himself/Herself/Itself to humanity in various stages of history, thus the formation of different faiths.
10. I can text with my left hand.
11. I’m a Palm person, and a mapalad.org tambay.
12. I want to publish a book someday, but for now, I could only offer other authors’ ebooks for download at PinoyeBooks.com.
13. I have already published a piece in Inquirer’s youngblood.
14. Tinig.com is my premier online project. I’ve spent too much effort to keep it alive–with the help of my kaTinigs, of course.
15. Idol ko sina Rizal at Bonifacio.
16. Corny ako…
17. …at sirang romantiko.
18. I tend to believe that everything is recorded in the so-called Akashic records, and that time travel is possible.
19. I’m interested in religion, reincarnation, and in new age stuff.
20. I’m a loyal person.

Sana sumagot din sina:

1. Mhay
2. Alex
3. Vlad
4. Rodel
5. Dennis
7. Jol
8. Suyin
9. Aika
10. Gari
11. Tonyo
12. Mykel
13. Bikoy
14. Vince
15. Aaron

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