Napanood ko ang political ad ni Si Kris Aquino kagabi. (This time, hindi na Kano ang endorser ni Mrs Arroyo.) Para sa kanya, Gloria pa rin. Hmmm, weird. Sounds like Marcos pa rin. Pero ‘di ba ang slogan ng Mom niya noon ay “Tama na, sobra na! Ang bayan naman.”

Sabagay, kanya-kanyang opinyon ang mga tao. Halimbawa, gaya ni Conrado de Quiros, scared din si Victor na manalo ulit si Mrs Arroyo. “I am scared of an FPJ presidency. But I am scared even more of a Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo one.”

Eto ang isinulat niya:

She gives away land titles spent on by the government during her campaigns! Government vehicles are being used to transport crowds at her rallies. Her campaign contributors have been appointed at the Commission on Elections! She will do anything to win! And she’s using government resources at her disposal. Will you vote for someone like her? Anybody who wants the presidency so much should not be entrusted with the position.

Diretsahan naman ang isinulat ni De Quiros sa kanyang column sa Inquirer:

I personally have not seen anyone crave power so badly since Ferdinand Marcos, one who would go to any length to get it or keep it. One who would lie, cheat and steal to get it or keep it, and not in any metaphorical sense either. She lied about not running, she is cheating through the Comelec, and she is stealing a rival’s citizenship away, quite apart from using taxpayers’ money–our money–to fund her campaign. No, I mean lie, cheat, and steal completely literally.

Sa entry ni Victor na may pamagat na Ibasura sa Eleksyon (Part 2)”, nagkakaroon ng debate dahil sa comments ng mga fans ni Gloria. Wala raw patunay sa mga alegasyon laban kay Mrs. Arroyo.

Pero may nakita akong ilang articles sa, ang opisyal na portal ng Republika ng Pilipinas–na pag-aari ng gobyerno. Naniniwala akong campaign materials ang karamihan sa mga ito, na inilabas bago pa man ang campaign period:

GMA delivers what rivals promise

GMA delivers where rivals still dream in infrastructure development

GMA surges ahead of rivals in latest survey

Kayo, ano sa palagay ninyo?

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  1. No matter what, i’ll still vote for GMA,nobodys perfect wait for the result, PANALO parin siya.

  2. you know, what’s wrong with the people? they are always looking for the negative sides and failures without considering the positive sides… the best thing that we must do is to take a look the two sides of a coin. we all human being, nobody is perfect. we are here on earth to be corrected. whatever are your feedbacks, i will never change my mind because i believed Pres. Arroyo is still the best – she’s the hope for the future… why vote for those who don’t have enough educational background, political experiece, and enough knowledge to run the government? wherein, there’s already physically and mentally fitted for the position… come on guys, think about it!

  3. i vote for eddie villanueva he is not a lesser evil but he is righteous man and the most important is “may takot siya sa Diyos” yan ang kailangan nating mamumuno sa bayan,para matigil ang corruption sa ating bansa.

  4. I saw that ad too! To my ultimate dismay. What was she thinking??? Does she really think that Kris can bring her to the lead?