At this year’s myDHLi Digital Summit, DHL Global Forwarding, the leading international freight specialist division of Deutsche Post DHL Group, presented new features and updates to its unique digital customer platform myDHLi. While increasing the efficiency of their overall logistics operation, customers can now also calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of their ocean freight more accurately, as DHL developed an innovative ETA forecasting function based on advanced data analytics to predict the arrival of shipments in near real-time. In addition, the platform supports customers’ sustainability efforts by providing functionality to calculate and analyze their carbon footprint and also offering insetting and offsetting options to decarbonize their transports. The central Follow + Share functionality now offers configurable shipment notifications to meet individual customer needs even better.

“We are constantly working to improve the platform for our now more than 10,000 customers, which is why myDHLi is more successful than ever. We are proud to present the new features today,” says Tim Scharwath, CEO DHL Global Forwarding, Freight. “Providing comprehensive decarbonization options and extensive CO2 reporting tools in one portal together with all other services is a step forward in offering our customers highly sustainable and transparent transport solutions.”

2022 Marks the Year of Sustainability for myDHLi

Within myDHLi Quote + Book, DHL has created the opportunity for air freight to achieve real carbon reduction through insetting by using sustainable aviation fuel. This is now offered in addition to sustainable marine fuel for ocean freight full-container load (FCL). Since early last year, DHL has already been offering sustainable marine fuel at no additional cost for ocean freight less-than-container-load (LCL). These options support DHL’s customers on their way to more sustainable logistics. On myDHLi, customers can track their emissions even on a single shipment level. Specifically, they can check their carbon footprint and efficiency. For better visibility, shipments that are already CO2 neutral will in the future be marked with a GoGreen label, which is part of DHL’s sustainability strategy.

Reports in myDHLi Reports are fully customizable and provide the customer with shipment information, including comprehensive CO2 emissions tracking information, which can easily be included in further in-depth analysis. In addition to this, DHL Global Forwarding integrated the GoGreen Dashboard in myDHLi Analytics. It offers customers the ability to analyze their CO2 emissions and grade of efficiency, with different views and filter options that support analysis and deep dives. It also provides customers information to better understand drivers of carbon emissions to have a starting point for carbon reduction measures.

Smart Estimated Time of Arrival

myDHLi provides customers with all necessary shipment data via the myDHLi Track, Analytics, and Reports features. As the quality and reliability of the estimated arrival time varies greatly between ocean carriers and has decreased significantly over the last year, DHL Global Forwarding has now set up an automatic ETA forecasting function using data analytics. The feature, called Smart ETA, predicts arrival times up to 48 percent better than the information provided by the carriers.

myDHLi Follow + Share With Configurable Shipment Notifications Provides Full visibility and Control

In 2020 DHL Global Forwarding was introduced with Follow + Share, a core function of myDHLi. Along the lines of popular social media functions, it enables customers to share information with their own customers, colleagues, and suppliers, thus simplifying communication along the supply chain. With the latest upgrade myDHLi Follow + Share now offers configurable notifications that allow users to set general notifications for specific events, e.g., status changes. In addition, users now also have the option to set custom notifications that can be used to specify a trade lane or a transport mode.

The myDHLi customer platform was successfully launched two years ago and thereby set a new benchmark in an industry which is still in its early days of being fully digitized. It is characterized by a modular structure, allowing subscribers to personalize their portal conveniently. Besides their strong focus on making logistics more sustainable, digitalization is one of the strategic pillars at DHL Global Forwarding. To further drive developments in this area for the logistics industry, the myDHLi Digital Summit was established last year to take place annually. Besides presenting innovations around myDHLi, this event will continue to create a unique opportunity to drive the progress of digital transformation in logistics, just in line with Deutsche Post DHL Group’s strategy “Delivering Excellence in a Digital World.”