DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, has taken another giant leap in its sustainable logistics journey by introducing 25 new electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet in 2024. This expansion goes beyond Metro Manila, reaching provincial areas like Cebu, Subic, and Clark for the first time.

The new fleet of EVs brings the company’s total EV count to 47, making up a quarter of the whole delivery fleet in the Philippines. The additions include 10 trucks, 8 vans, and 7 motorcycles. This expansion underlines DHL Express’ commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and fostering a sustainable future, as it extends its impact across the country.

“We’re investing in our commitment to sustainability. Our efforts are evident in the new electric vehicles introduced in the Philippines. These vehicles might come at a higher cost, but they offer a priceless environmental benefit without compromising our customer service quality and couriers’ experience. We’re not just focusing on Metro Manila but have also extended our eco-friendly services to the provinces, proving that our commitment to the environment is nationwide,” shared Nigel Lockett, the Country Manager of DHL Express Philippines.

Integrating these EVs will significantly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and lower operating costs, reinforcing DHL Express’ leading position in the logistics industry. This is in line with the Group’s global target of running 60% of its pick-up and delivery services with electric vehicles by 2030.

DHL Group has committed to invest EUR7 billion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This includes expanding its net-zero-emission e-vehicle fleet as part of its sustainability roadmap.

With its latest venture into provincial areas with electric vehicles, DHL Express Philippines is not only setting new standards in the logistics industry but also reaffirming its unwavering commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.