After the announcement of Android mobile phone operating system, which is expected to compete directly with Palm OS, Google will probably unveil something new soon.

Technology news sites are abuzz with reports that Google will be launching an online storage service in the coming months.

Citing anonymous sources, the Wall Street Journal reported that the storage service “could be released as early as a few months from now.” Nicknamed GDrive by Google fans and enthusiasts, the service was known internally as “My Stuff”, the same report said.

GDrive is one of Google’s most anticipated services. After it offered huge e-mail storage in 2003, photo hosting through Picasa web, and eventually word and spreadsheet processing on the Web through Google Documents, online file storage is the next logical step.

This is good news for Google users like me who are starting to move my files online. I just hope the pricing for premium services will not be as disappointing as that of its upgraded Picasaweb storage.