Palm Centro users who want more than the manual that comes with a new phone may be interested in this new book entitled “Now You Know Centro”.

Written by Patrick Ames and published by Peachpit Press, the full-color book which is currently priced at $17.99 (around Php 783) promises tips, tutorials, and techniques not disclosed in the PDF manuals.

“Now You Know Centro is meant to be fast and simple, allowing you to practice on your handheld while you read. You’ll learn about the wireless capabilities, e-mail, media and streaming media, accessories, productivity, and more. In minutes, you can watch your skills improve and use what you learn immediately,” the book’s description says.

It adds that the book “is designed for immediate gratification, not for hour-long reads, the exact way you use your smartphone.”

PalmInfocenter’s article has info on similar books for other Palm devices.