Reporting the truth is not terrorism

NTC's order for ISPs to block the websites of independent media outfits sets a very alarming precedent for independent journalism and for media freedom, says…

ABS-CBN: Ni-knock out ni Duterte

ABS-CBN: Ni-knock out ni Duterte

Ang pinakamalaking broadcast network sa bansa, pinatumba ng best president in the solar system. Ang ABS-CBN, ni-knock out ni Duterte.

Manila Times final issue - July 23, 1999

Manila Times: Binangga ng Jeep ni Erap

Sa araw na ito, 21 taon na ang nakalilipas, nalathala ang huling labas ng dating Manila Times.

No to ABS-CBN shutdown

Thrashing press freedom

We believe that blocking ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal is part of the ongoing assault of the administration on the media.


NUJP: Defend press freedom amid Duterte’s new tirades vs ABS-CBN

Duterte's statement leaves ABS-CBN owners with a stark choice: sell or lose everything. But sell it to whom and for whose benefit?