From Today‘s mail section:

“Regarding your recent ‘Kill the treaty’ editorial:
Your anti-American attitude is apparent.
You have forgotten how much America has done for the Filipinos of the world.”

Today publisher’s reply was:

“Like what?”

Asteeg talaga ang TODAY!

Meanwhile, another letter, sent by Jaime L. Guerrero, Chief of Staff of the Office of the Vice President, corrected the claim of Today columnist (whose name is not worth mentioning here) that Vice President Guingona “openly criticized” the Balikatan exercises during the July 4 celebrations at the US embassy. In the letter, he included the full text of the Vice President’s remarks:

“Today marks Friendship Day between the United States and the Philippines. It is a special day that embodies more than a hundred years of partnership between our two nations.

“Manuel L. Quezon, our vibrant President of the past, once said, ‘I bow to no man because I am free, but I bow to God because I am a Man!’ In the same vein, I say we are partners. We are friends. But we are not vassals. Because we value truth, and the truth has set us free.

“Our friendship has endured over a hundred years. Like the best of steel it has been hardened by teh fierciest of fires. We fought each other at the turn of the century, our soldiers fought and died together in Bataan and Corregidor and Bataan and other fields of battle during World War II, and in 1946, you gave us back our promised independence.

“Through those hundreds of years and more, we have our conformities and confrontations usual among allies. Nut the values overcome deficiences.

“The lessons learned of Washington and Jefferson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Kennedy, the return of freedom to a nation as promised, and the social projects undertaken in Basilan in the wake of controversy during the Balikatan exercises in 2001, which won the hearts and minds of many in that troubled island province. All these giver meaning to our partnership.

“Today we celebrate this binding tie of amity and I ask you to join me in saying Mabuhay to Philippine-United States Friendship Day! Mabuhay!”

Guingona has also been accused of being anti-US but he maintains he is not anti-US, only pro-Filipino. His statement shows Guingona wants genuine friendship between US and the Philippines, as opposed to the existing unfair relationship that the two nations now have under the Bush and Macapagal regimes.

Ederic Eder

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