It's okay to say you mindI learned from the Department of Health website that May 31, 2005 is “World No Tobacco Day.” Looks like the event wasn’t publicized since I haven’t heard any news about it.

At the site, there’s also a signature campaign in support of Senator Flavier’s bill 1554: Stop for Health Act (Stop Tobacco and Other Products for Health)–which, I later learned, is already a law called Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003.

Obviously the health department’s site, which also contains a web page about smoking and its effects on the body, isn’t too updated. Let’s hope the next health secretary will work on improving the website.

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  1. i’m probably not updated about this whole issue, but last i heard the world antitobacco treaty became binding international law end of february. unfortunately the philippines has yet to ratify the treaty. maybe part of it has to do with this tobacco company (is it philip morris?) building some plant somewhere in i think batangas. yun lang po.