Malacanang admits attempt to deceive people over P0.50 promo text rate — TXTPower

July 30, 3008

Today, Malacanang indirectly admitted that President Arroyo deliberately lied to the public in her SONA speech when she announced the alleged new P0.50 price of text messaging.

Malacanang’s press office today released separate statements coming from Smart, Globe and Sun that separately say that the P0.50 price announced by the President is ONLY A PROMO OR A GIMMICK.

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TXTPower on proposed text tax

Scrap foreign junkets in lieu of text tax — TXTPower

Consumer group TXTPower today challenged President Arroyo to declare a moratorium on her foreign travels to save precious public funds and negate the need for the imposition of a new tax on text.

TXTPower has long opposed any new tax on telecommunications.

“Mrs. Arroyo spent P692-million in public funds her 2005 and 2006 junkets alone. Another estimate is P8.2-billion for the past six to seven years,” said TXTPower president Anthony Ian Cruz.

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