Wanted: Web Rangers for Google

Google is searching for a new batch of Web Rangers in the Philippines to make a campaign to encourage their peers to use the internet for good. Now on its second year, the competition’s campaign theme is digital literacy and the aim is to explore what netizens can do to use the internet for meaningful activities that will help them pursue their passion, develop new talents and skills and discover things that can help the youth level up.

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Bahala na

Sabi ko kay Aileen kahapon, baka mas bagay ang “Bahala na” sa halip na “Sinusuwerte ako” sa pangalawang button sa Google Pilipinas homepage.

Ganito ang paliwanag ng Google tungkol sa “I’m Feeling Lucky”:

Google has a function, “I’m Feeling Lucky” that presents a particular translation challenge. The function takes the user immediately to the first result for a search — so, a user selects “I’m Feeling Lucky” when they are willing to take a chance that Google’s first result will be what they are looking for. The phrase in English has a specific tone — daring, confident, and playful. This has been a hard phrase for people to translate. If you can’t come up with a way to translate this phrase while preserving its tone just leave it in English.

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