Bayan Ko premieres March 10 on GMA News TV

Rocco Nacino

Is the Philippines ready for a drama that tackles issues such as corruption, bureaucracy, malnutrition, illegal logging, and political dynasties?

We find out this March, when GMA News TV launches its first original series and most ambitious project to date — Bayan Ko.

Inspired by the life of Jesse Robredo as well as the social realist films of director Lino Brocka, Bayan Ko tells the story of newly elected Mayor Joseph Santiago — who sets out to make a difference in the fictional town of Lagros.

The idealistic mayor, played by Rocco Nacino, faces roadblocks at every turn. He discovers a bunch of wayward employees have turned the municipal hall into a boarding house and, worse, have been making under the table deals at every turn. He must learn to lead lazy and uncooperative municipal employees and change the mindset of a mendicant populace.

But his efforts to fight corruption — both petty and large scale — are blocked by a political dynasty led by Governor Antonio Rubio and Congressman Anton Rubio, played by father-and-son tandem Pen and Ping Medina.

Indie film princess Mercedes Cabral the powerful contractor, LJ Reyes the mayor’s chief of staff, while Betong Sumaya and Love Anover take on roles as slacker municipal employees.

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