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  1. Dear Ederic

    This is Josef The Visionary. This is a little off-topic but it concerns us all bloggers.

    Kasi ho, tungkol ito sa Christmas party ng mga bloggers sa December 30. Medyo na-surprise ho ako bakit nakasama and pangalan ko sa mga confirmed goers. At saka, yung comments doon sa discussion board sa PINOYBLOG site ay hindi galling sa akin. Somebody with so low down of person misused my name and put there inane words like “ORGIES” and “KAMA”. Hindi ko alam kung paano nagamit ang pseudonym ko na Josef The Visionary. Siguro me galit s a akin sa blogworld sa Pinas at alam kung paano ukitin and personal account ko sa Pinoyblog.com.

    Alam ko ho nabasa nyo yong mga entries na iyon. I just want to clear my name na hindi ho ako iyon. Besides, I am from zamboanga and I can’t be interested in the party held in Manila. Someone just notified me of this horrendous act against me. I could not have said those bastos words for you see I am a deeply spiritual person. In fact, yung mga blogs ko ay all about spiritual matters.

    Please help me clarify my name sa pagdating ng Xmas party sa mga fellow bloggers. I am sure marami ang nakabasa nun. Pakisabi na si Josef the Visionary ay hindi bastos tulad ng pinortray ng malicious soul na iyon.

    If I had erroneously violated your decency I am so sorry but I can assure you that it wasn’t me. I am a decent guy but the one who used my name is clearly not.

    Please help.


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