After what seems like a long time, I was with my college friends again last Saturday. One of them arranged the meeting — in which only four, including herself, attended — to announce that she’s getting married. I wasn’t shocked although I did not expect her announcement. It was probably because when she texted me for the kita-kits, the first thing that I thought of was that most likely, she would announce that she found a boyfriend just in time for Valentine’s Day or she would be settling down.

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Sleepy Sunday

Spent the whole night with and friends at 70s Bistro. Enjoyed great music and some drink and met old friends and people I knew in college. We went home at around 2 a.m. and I slept before sunrise.

I don’t have any idea on what is happening outside my own world.

Sometimes, I do very stupid things and ask very stupid questions like I did yesterday. Also, I was frantically looking for a contact number. I had no idea it was on the desk where I was working.

Have to go now and prepare for work tomorrow.


One of my friends, walangdila, today wrote in his PinoyExchange wireless journal: “ei nice date 2day.. 02022002 never will it happen again in my lifetime.. gotta do something special…” I could only wonder what interesting thing did he do as I remain on duty here at the office. (Well, if you could consider going to work on a holiday as something special, then I did as walangdila did. However, staying on duty on supposedly special days is an ordinary thing for me.

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