'Taxna nila!

The Department of Finance is reportedly considering an increase on taxes on text messaging. We in TXTPower vehemently reject this proposal. Should this be implemented, Globe and Smart would definitely pass on the cost to us. As TXTPower spokesperson Tonyo Cruz said, this is ironic. Remember how the Generation Txt helped in ousting Erap Estrada that led to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s assumption to power? Now, her government is thinking of betraying the Generation Txt by burdening us with more taxes even as we suffer from text cuts. No to text tax!

Kayo, papayag ba kayo?

Ok lang ako!

Got the ECG and X-Ray results this morning. The doctor said there’s no indication of any heart or lung problem. These chest and back pains and the shortness of breath could only be due to muscular fatigue, she said. She just adviced me to continue taking my medicine, and see to it that I rest every 30 minutes when I’m on my PC. Salamat sa Diyos!

Jose Velarde @ 65

As I write this, Jose Velarde, err, Joseph Estrada and friends are partying at the Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center. Erap turns 65 tomorrow. Senator Loi Ejercito, his one and only, was shown on TV news today distributing food packages to an urban poor community. For the deposed president’s camp, the estimated 2,000 loyalists who queued for free food just prove that the masses are still for Erap.

In a press release, Estrada said the people’s support for him encourages him further to fight the Macapagal-Arroyo government’s “persecution” and “vilification campaign” against him. He confidently said that “at the date annointed by God,” he will be vindicated.

Gamitin ba ang pangalan ng Diyos.

Last year, respected nationalist and then senatorial candidate Wigberto Ta?ada greeted Erap on his 64th birthday but adviced him to “face the music.” His advice for Erap is still timely. Here’s the news release issued by Ta?ada’s office on April 20 last year:
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Friendly visits

Photo from http://www.jhuccp.org/asia/philippines/friendlycare.htmThis afternoon, I visited for the first time the FriendlyCare Clinic in Mandaluyong City for a medical check up. (FriendlyCare was founded by civic leaders to initiate private sector participation in the delivery of low-cost basic health and family planning services.) I have been complaining of difficiculty in breathing and chest pain, among other discomforts, for around two months now. The first doctor I consulted said it could only be physical manifestations of stress or depression. The FriendlyCare doctor asked me to undergo electrocardiogram (ECG) and X-Ray.
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As Rico Yan Goes Home

Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan, March 14, 1975 - March 29, 2002 Photo from abs-cbn.com. Click to visit the ABS-CBN Rico Yan tribute pageIT APPEARS that most of us who believe in life after death agree where Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan, popularly known as Rico Yan, one of the role models of the Filipino Generation Txt, has gone at the end of his journey in this world.

In the postings that I contributed to my favorite online message boards, I said goodbye and thanked Rico for showing us how to live life to the fullest. I also asked him to please kindly say hello to my Mama, who went home up there seven years ago. One of my friends at Tinig.com Forums thanked Rico for being with us in People Power 2 as we fought for truth and justice. He also asked him to extend warm regards to Ka Tato (Renato Constantino), the great historian who sought to destroy the lies and deception that prevail in our official history. The youngest kaTinig, for her part, thanked Rico for the inspiration he has left for the youth and asked him to greet the Lord Jesus Christ and her beloved departed. Read full article.