Mabuhay si Gat Andres Bonifacio

Mabuhay si Gat Andres Bonifacio!
Photo from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts

Today is the birthday of Andres Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution. Born on November 30, 1863 to a poor couple in Tondo, Manila, the young Andres, together with his siblings, worked hard and struggled to survive especially after the death of their parents.

Later in his life, the Great Plebeian led a bigger struggle not just for his family, but for the entire Filipino nation then under the oppressive Spanish colonial government. He became a member of the peaceful group La Liga Filipina with Jose Rizal, among other propagandists. He read and was inspired by Rizal’s novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. The execution of Rizal showed Bonifacio that a peaceful struggle for change was useless at that time.

He led the forming of the Kataas-taasan Kagalang-galang na Katipunan ng manga Anak ng Bayan (KKK) or Katipunan, a secret society aimed at gaining independence (kalayaan) from the colonial rule even through violent means, if neccessary. The Filipino masses embraced the organization that also proclaimed the equality (pagkakapantay-pantay) of men and women — whether rich or poor — and taught them to care for each other (pagdadamayan). Katipunan’s membership increased and managed to win many fights.

However, as the organization gained strength and number, factionalism occurred. A certain faction, particularly from the elite, eventually dislodged the Supremo from his leadership. Even as they snatched from him his rightful claim to the leadership of a new revolutionary government, his worth as a person and a leader was also insulted. After he lost the presidency to Emilio Aguinaldo at the Tejeros Convention, he was elected secretary of interior. An asshole, however, questioned his capability to handle that post. How was the Supreme Leader of the Katipunan supposed to respond to such indignity? In the end, the Supremo was tried and sentenced to death for not recognizing the new elite-led revolutionary government.

On May 10, 1897, a general named Lazaro Makapagal and his men brought him to Mt. Nagpatong in the Maragondon provinces where he met his death. The Father of the Revolution died not in the hands of the enemy. Ironic, isn’t it? The Supremo was killed by soldiers of a government that was a result of his leadership.

His death signaled the seemingly unending cycle of betrayal of the Filipino masses.

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  1. Great essay here, but why did you not mention the name of the asshole who questioned Bonifacio’s qualifications and insulted him? His name was Daniel Tirona.

  2. Sabagay, naiintindihan ko. Nakasusuka nga namang banggitin ang isang kasumpa-sumpang pangalan, hindi ba? (Ugh!!!!)

  3. ricarte was also rumored to have betrayed the Supremo when he voted against him [Andres] for presidency. Nagkabayaran ata.

  4. The Philippines Commission established by Taft in 1906 picked Jose Rizal as the country’s national hero. Do you think that this was appropriate considering Rizal’s political philosophy of pacifism and Bonifacio’s revolutionary methods? The former led to Aguinaldo’s pro-American government system; while the latter should have been more localized form of governmenance. My question is, who do you think should have been the country’s national hero in the context of the Philippine struggle for independence.

  5. Oo nga. Dapat siya nalang ang national hero natin. Meron nga kming debate about rizal vs bonifacio for national heroism e. Anu gagawin ko. Matutulungan nyo kaya ako?

  6. i doubted that bonifacio was the original choice for our national hero. perhaps, or i would say in fact, he is one among five nominated candidates for such title. all i can say is we should put an end to the argument of who really should be our national hero.bonifacio and rizal are both heroes in their own rights and in their own ways. bonifacio was the sword..rizal was the brain. meaning to say, they both contributed to our independence. but what do we mean by hero? i believe we all know it right? but anyway, let me reiterate its three definitions…”prominent person taking an admirable part in remarkable event”, rizal took this in propaganda campaign; “person of distinguished valor,fortitude in suffering” according to Palma rizal’s complete self denial..self interests for country’s welfare prove his courage, and lastly, “a man honored after death due to exceptional service to mankind”
    and as i end this, let me quote bonaparte’s statment which goes like this, “there are only two powers in this world, the sword and the pen. the latter always conquered the former”. Rizal’s approach was a silent one…a diplomatic, yet it was effective because not only his friends were awaken but he also got into the nerves of his enemies. in short he had sown the seeds within our hearts and in minds. that his legacy is for all times, for all ages. at this point, i want to comment that rizal was not an american-made hero. he himself prove that he deserves it!

  7. excuse me lng po ano….pwede sa side muna ni rizal..sino d2 makaka2long sakin na magbigay ng strong arguments that rizal is and should be the national hero…sige na…..

  8. hurray cynthia….wow galing….me point ka dyan.kasi we should not fightover kung sino ang dapat maging bayani sa kanilang dalawa kasi yung sabi mo nga combination yung ginawa nila.rizal only awakened and united the goals of our people na stop na ang tyranny totally….what bonifacio did was only the reaction to rizal’s ideas..eventhough rizal is not for a bloody revolution but he said in his revolutionary ideas that it could be possible if all necessary means have already been used then still walng nangyari 😉

  9. wag natin pagtalunan kung sino ang masmagaling o maskarapat-dapat.pareho nmn clang nagbuwis ng buhay para satin…tangkilikin na lang natin cla preho…

  10. bonifacio rocccckssss!!! may debate kmi today and thanks a lot to your site…may info na rin kmi!!!

  11. bonifacio rocccckssss!!! may debate kmi today and thanks a lot to your site…may info na rin kmi!!!

  12. I think Bonifacio is more deserving to become our national hero. Mas makabayan at mas pro-independence siya kaysa kay Rizal.
    Teachers of Phil. History should teach their students that Bonifacio fought for our independence and Rizal fought only for equal treatment of the Filipinos from the Spaniards-for reform.

  13. I’m a student in Sydney and im studying filipino as one of my subjects and i’d like to know more about why Jose rizal should be the national hero of the philippines and why you agree or disagree

  14. Guys… thanx for your opinion, i just taught the life of the rizal for d 1st time n i needed to support d argument y rizal and not gat andres. RA 1425 even ordered for a compulsory teaching of rizal. ur insights were alot of help. more power! :’D

  15. Rizal deserved it. Maybe even Bonifacio would have chosen him.

    By the way, I disagree that Rizal’s ideas led to Aguinaldo’s puppet government. His being “moderate” if you could call it that, does not necessarily translate into subservience and self-serving leadership such as that of the first puppet. And we must remember Rizal was a great inspiration of the Katipunan .

    But I believe we must review the Supremo’s place in our history. I think he has been mainly disregarded. That he was President of the Haring Bayang Katagalugan isn’t even taught in schools. For what he did, he deserves more honor than what he’s getting now.

  16. helooo!!! tulong naman!! kylangan ko ng reaction bout rizal as an american made hero… NO ang sa amin…plssss i nid all ur help as soon as possible…. 2 na mamaya ang debate namin pls>>>?? ty!!!!

  17. i BADLY need your help guys… we have a debate on tuesday and my finals grades really depends on it!!!! im on the side of bonifacio.. i need points on proving he is fit to be the national hero.. tnx a lot guys.. it would mean so much to me if u replied..ü

  18. According to Pinoy, “it was the Philippine Commission established by Taft (american president) in 1906 that chose rizal to be the country’s national hero”. Rizal fought for equality and not independence from spain but bonifacio seeks independence from any colonizing foreign power. the commission that picked rizal was set up by a colonizing power – america. Hence, logically, they won’t choose bonifacio as a model to be imitated by the colonized filipinos, isn’t it? or else, america will have trouble of its own making! rizal belonged to the elite, educated, and well-to-do society of his time while bonifacio grew up as a poor but hard-working, responsible and self-sacrificing person belonging to the masses. He also has a brilliant mind as evidenced by his writings and poems (if only he had been properly educated, he might also have the pen as weapon beside the sword!). looking at rizal and bonifacio in this perspective, I think bonifacio stands and represents most of us filipinos from his time until now for most of us belong to the masses. If national heroes are extolled for imitation, the masses can see themselves in bonifacio who was one of them and resembles them, especially at present. but anyhow, the test of time will tell who is who! both of them deserve no less! mabuhay!

  19. pwede send me some information that will prove that andres bonifacio should be our national hero instead of rizal pls……………..
    FINAL na min debate ”who among the two should be our national her I’m on side of andres bonifacio. HELP ME MGA KA BERKS

  20. i was tasked to decorate a bulletin board.. since its the month of november..i planned to post gat andres bonifacio….i like the man…brave…bold…typical Filipino..very patriotic…i was surfing the net for possible quotations he quoted….please help me, if u have some thots in ur mind just email me…tenks….



  23. ei guyzzz…help me out!! i’ve got a debate…why should bonifacio be the national hero??? pleaseee i can’t find enough info..tnx!!! peace out

  24. we are going to have a debate on july 20,2005 and since we i mean i was assigned to defend the side of rizal i guess i just have to stand firm on it although i first personally believe that bonifacio should have been the Philippine national hero.
    —Over and over this question had been asked (ika nga nila gasgas na…)
    countless of reasonable and convincing arguments were presented by both side but still none of them filled the thirst for the answer.
    i think that for the good and contentment of everyone and also in honor of the two chivalrious heroes whay dont we just settle this once anf for all by making the both of them the Philippine national HEROES anyway they both were the ones who headed the KKK, they are both deserving, by this we do not only make everyone happy we also make history… having 2 national heroes…(pwede ba un…is it allowed in our constitution?)

    That’s all i have to say…
    agree or disagree…mail

  25. EI PWD NYO BA KONG 2LUNGAN?? mAy debATE ksi kami. plSSS!!! maiPAnaLO ko lANg side namin na c Bonifacio dapat ang national hero natin. plsss tnx pow…. BONIFACIO!

  26. can u help me about my reasearch? i would like to know why aguinaldo ask to kill bonifacio? i really need ur answer as soon as possible, becoz ur answer will depends on my grades.. thnx a lot ^^

  27. hello guys, i believe that Rizal as our national hero is not a question anymore, but can u help me, pls…..we have a debate this coming week, and we are on the side of Bonifacio, pls help me give a good info. or argument on y should Bonifacio be our national hero, instead of Rizal. my e-mail add is, thanks guys….

  28. This may be late but then I just want to know what had happened regarding your debate in class regarding Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal being the National Hero, I would admit that I am a fan of Andres Bonifacio and it seems that this hero has been neglected over and over through the years since his death in 1897 as a matter of fact his remains is still buried in a deserted spot in one of the hills in Maragondon, nobody has ever tried to launch or fund an excavation campaign to recover the remains of one of our best heroes. My opinion is that Jose Rizal was selected to be the National Hero with the influence of the Americans during the time of their occupation in our country, as you see Jose Rizal’s way of struggle was through pen and writings (no armed struggle) thus the American endorsed his proclamation as a National Hero. During those times the Americans wouldn’t want to endorse a National Hero who has lived his life in combat for the simple reason that they never wanted the Filipinos to idolize Andres Bonifacio, the last thing they wanted was an armed confrontation with Filipino Patriots. It was a better idea to endorse somebody who was polite in his struggle and was never violent, actually Rizal’s idea was not to liberate the Philippines from the Spanish occupation what he wanted was a reform, he wanted to stop the oppression and racial discrimination between indios and Spaniards but still even if those reforms were met we will still be living under the skirt of Spain unlike Bonifacio’s Kartilla of the Katipunan their main struggle was to totally liberate the Philippines from Spain and create a Republic of it’s own.

    This is just my opinion but still Jose Rizal is such a great Filipino Patriot they just differ in principle and in their actions. Don’t ask me about Emilio Aguinaldo, he is a total bullshit!!!

  29. hiyee po!! kami naman..bukas na ang debate..and..exactly..NOV.30..sana gabayan kami ng kaluluwa ni ANDRES BONIFACIO..HE SHOULD BE OUR NATIONAL HERO..yebah!!

  30. friday pa ang debate,,namove kasi may convention teacher namin..
    i have a question..
    ano ang isasagot namin pag sinabi ng opposition “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD..”

  31. helllooooo!!!!!!!!! pwd send nyo ako ng mga informations about controversial issues related to rizal and bonifacio…… para po sa research paper ko….title po ng paper ko:” jose rizal and andres bonifacio for phil. national heroes”…..thanx….

  32. wheew..tnx po so much! sana manalo kami..
    based on the debates na ginawa ng other section kasi..opposition ung nanalo..
    sana maiba naman..hehe..:D

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