Don't make media political pawn

NUJP Press Statement
January 12, 2005

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) is gravely concerned with developments following the burning of the ABS-CBN OB van.

NUJP condemns any line of reasoning that implies displeasure over media reports — whether for real or imagined slights — is enough excuse for violence. This is unacceptable. While the NUJP joins other media groups in campaigning for ethical reportage, it will consistently fight any attempt to bend media by coercion.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the possibility that feuding political groups could be using media in their power struggles. What would FPJ supporters have to gain by attacking ABS-CBN property – and claiming the act? It would only enrage an entire sector since no journalist would wish harm on another, even a rival. And to give the late actors’ supporters credit, even at their hour of greatest loss and anguish, words were solely their form of expression. Continue reading